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wayne shorter

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    Hello, folks! Tomorrow night (Thursday, April 8, 7:30pm Central) I'll be spearheading my first set as a leader since the pandemic hit for the outstanding Monks Jazz livestream series. And I'll be joined by some of my favorite musicians in the world: Brannen Temple on drums, Red Young on piano...
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    "Iris," composed by my all-time hero, Wayne Shorter, is an utterly beautiful piece of music. It might not be called as often as the many "standards" composed by Mr. Shorter, but it perfectly exemplifies his ingenious way of writing singable, relatable, natural-sounding melodies over dark...
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    As far as tone I’m really trying to achieve to get a similar tone to that mid 60s Coltrane/Wayne shorter like tone. Like most would agree, I don’t necessarily want to blame it on equipment but could it be that? I currently use a Jody Jazz HR 7* with La Voz Medium Hard reeds. Do you have any...
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    have a nice day everyone!
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    Does anybody know what ligature this is?
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    Hello all. I don't post here often, but am usually here at least every other day looking around/researching/shopping/etc. None the less, thought I would post a little performance video I did. This is from a performance I did last month at the Nashville Jazz Workshop. I'm performing Wayne...
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    A new Wayne Shorter documentary called Wayne Shorter: Zero Gravity is in production and your help is needed to rally support for this film. The film will feature behind the scenes looks at Wayne's life, time in Weather Report and the Miles Davis Quartet...
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    Please and thank you :)
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    Here's a lesson I did for my students a couple weeks ago that has really inspired them. Thought I'd share it with the community here...or at least those that see this before midnight tomorrow evening when it turns into a pumpkin. :) Using 4-note cells to simplify complex changes: “Miyako” by...