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  1. Evette & Schaeffer Buffet-Crampon, S.A.
    Hi all- I have a need to replace the original end plug on my Buffet S1 tenor sax (serial 27,xxx if it matters). Any idea how/where to come up an original replacement? Or some sort of beautifully crafted replacement that does the horn justice? Scratching my head on this one, so your help is...
  2. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Hi group! New to the group and a "kinda" newbie player. I loved playing ALTO ages ago, and have just rented a sax to re-learn after not playing for 30 years. It feels great and its coming back to me. Cool huh? Can someone here please advise what saxes I might consider purchasing used and...
  3. Flute & Piccolo
    I've been wanting to upgrade from my ypc-32 to a 62. I do like my 32 its just its a bother to tune:( :mad::mad:!! I also like the 62 for it not as affected by the weather as metal picc. and its deeper/mellower intonation. Any Help?
1-3 of 10 Results