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  1. Electronic Equipment
    Hi, I was researching something somewhere and found a bunch of threads on the Yamaha MFC10 and the VL70m being used with WX controllers. Since I already have a WX-5 and VL70-m (non Turbo, unfortunately), I picked up an MFC10 cheap. I've got it all connected and working great for patch changes...
  2. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Hi, not sure where to ask this question.. I am an owner of Yamaha wx-5 + vl70-m. I am very happy practicing and hope to play soon in some public. But sometimes, during playing, without any "warning", the vl70-m changes tuning of two notes: third and seventh. It makes it almost half-note up...
  3. Electronic Equipment
    i'm interested in buying an akai ewi 4000s and i'm wondering if its really worth it to buy everything off of patchman. they claim they do a bunch of stuff to set it up, but is it really that much or even necessary? i'm liking the vl70-m with the mod chip and the presets, but the wireless midi...
1-3 of 4 Results