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  1. Martin
    Hello, I'm looking to find more info on this "The Martin" soprano of mine, before I consider trading it for a more "functional" horn. I always thought this was a Bb horn, I've never have had it overhauled to really play it...I had a friend suggest maybe it was a C horn, due to its range to Eb...
  2. C Melody Soprano, Contralto & Tenor
    Since it seems to be a bit lost in the René Guénot / Albert Douchet thread, I thought I add it here in the c soprano section! This beauty is mine since about a week. I found it on the site of the German "Saxophon-Service". It's nickle-plated with a gold-ish bell on the inside. There are some...
  3. Bb Soprano
    Hello guys, I am looking to buy a vintage straight sop sax, either a Buescher or Conn. I'd need your suggestion on which model(s) to look for and try out. Please also tell me why you think this particular model is better than the others. Thank you very much!:)
1-3 of 9 Results