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  1. Embouchure & Tone Producing Basics
    Here are the conclusions I've reached: OK, discuss... :-) ~ Rick
  2. Late Bloomers
    Hey, everybody. I just posted parts 3 & 4 of my YouTube mini-series on overtone basics. PART 3: How overtones... PART 4: Why overtones? In them I discuss & demo the 2nd harmonic. More importantly...
  3. Embouchure & Tone Producing Basics
    Hey, folks I just posted the first two of four videos presenting the very basics of overtone production, intended for sax players who have never tried (or even heard of) overtones — but ought to know about them. :) Part 1: Part 2...
  4. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    This is the first video of my jazz quartet (see sig) I've posted on the internet. I thought it was pretty good, so I figured I'd see what the good folks at SOTW thought. We played at my school's spring band concert. The tune is "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise." Part one...
  5. Recordings, Movies
    Truly a great performance! :D Watch the original in super High deff quality here: This is one of her (Tineke Postma) own compositions called "Searching and finding" Wish I could play like that :D! Here style is so nice. So colorful and melodic...
  6. Recordings, Movies
    Very nice performance :D What do you guys think?
  7. Recordings, Movies
    Hello! I am a trumpet player who has fell in love with the saxophone in the past 3 years. Here is a collection of videos that I've made on my home computer. I play all the instruments on my home recordings. I hope you like them!