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  1. Music Venues Around the World
    We have vacation during the week of August 10-18. We were hoping to go to NOLA, but with 5 of us and hoping to get a new sax for Amanda, that will not be possible. So....besides L.A., what would the best city for Jazz clubs be? I have heard S.F. is good, as is Seattle. I read Portland being...
  2. Practicing
    I'm on a trip to Puerto Rico for a family gathering. I embarrassingly left my tenor, which I meant to bring, inside when we were going out to the car. I've done a lot of listening (as usual) and singing/vocal improvisation (I even figured out a nice little triad enclosure melody very much in the...
  3. Recordings, Movies
    Hello everybody, just wanted to share this. 4 videos my father filmed on vacation in austria. It`s a sax quintet (AATTB) performing live and acoustic on a market square or something.. lovely tone en good performers. Enjoy!
  4. Music Venues Around the World
    Hey Guys, I'm going to L.A. next Wednesday for five days and I was hoping to see some good jazz out there, especially saxophonists, but I'm open to anything. The only night I'm busy is Friday night, but other than that I'm free on any of the other nights. Any responses will be appreciated...
1-4 of 4 Results