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unknown mouthpiece

  1. B&S, Guardala and Huller
    I'm borrowing my uncle's sax, a 'Trafford' tenor, built by B&S in 1980, and it came with this mouthpiece. It is an ebonite piece, and the only engraving I can find on it is the number 3. As you can see, the lig and cap are Selmer, but they seem a bit small for the MP. I've seen similar unbranded...
  2. Soprano, Bass and Misc. mpc
    Hi, There is a question about one of my soprano mouthpieces; I purchased it from Bob Carpenter, according to his statement it's a vintage hard rubber one, and on the left side of the table, I can see 'FRANCE' carving on it; the brand name which on the exact middle of the back got rubbed off...
  3. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    Hello everyone. When I got my used bari it came with a couple mouthpieces. One of them has no name on it at all and I could not ask the seller about it. Anyone know what this one is? I really like the sound I get from it. Thanks for any feedback!