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  1. Conn
    Hey everyone! I just bought this Conn 10m '66, with this funny relacquered keywork and body, I had no clue how it sounds, just wanted to buy lower price 10m and I was a little bit scared for the relacquered status, but since price was low I decided to buy it me and my teacher play tested this...
  2. Conn
    Anyone have one of these that they are looking to part with?
  3. Conn
    Spit in underslung octave hole? I have a '67 Conn 10M that I really like - nice sound, good ergos and keywork, etc. But after playing for about 10 minutes, I would start getting weird subtones on A2 (just above the staff). I talked to my tech, and he suggested I check the octave key on the...
  4. Conn
    Hi all, I have a 1936 Conn ladyface - underslung but with no microtuner. Reg: M275XXXA I never seem to see this combination - - - is it unusual? Also - I'd love more opinions on the A at the end of the serial number.
1-4 of 4 Results