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  1. Playing Songs
    Hi all, I have tried very hard to focus on either alto or tenor, but I can't bring myself to not play one of them. The main issue for me is that I have to memorize tunes in two keys. Any tips on how to make this easier?
  2. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Any suggestions? Any style. Alto or bari sax stuff recommended, but I can transcribe. Hit me with some fun tunes.
  3. Practicing
    Until yesterday, Mulgrew Miller was a living legend in the jazz community. Sadly, due to a stroke, he now is a legend. One of my favorite recordings is Joe Lovano's Tenor Legacy, featuring Joshua Redman. I think that was the first place I heard Mulgrew's playing. I was a junior in high school...
  4. Recommended Listening for Beginners
    hi, I am looking for some easy blues tunes to play. I want to learn some blues melodies so it can help me get some ideas for improvising. I read a Tim Price article about basic saxophone skills and there he gives some examples, like Bags Groove, Straight no Chaser... I would like some...
1-4 of 4 Results