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  1. Eb Baritone
    Hi . . . I acquired a Buescher True-Tone Baritone Sax a couple years ago. It is serial number 215778 and tagged a 'Low Pitch' horn. Trying to determine its year of manufacture and potential value. It's in pretty great shape, so I'm guessing it may have been refinished a number of years ago...
  2. Buescher
    I'm looking at an Buescher Alto, low pitch, serial 230,8xx, on the body. The seller states that the sax is from 'the 1920's', which makes sense for that serial number. However the from on the bell is pretty clear about it being Buescher, Aristocrat, Elkhorn Ind. The engraving is NOT 'Big B' nor...
  3. Buescher
    I am wondering if anyone has information (or a lead on said information) regarding my "True-Tone" Low-Pitch sopranino. The serial number is 190247. I'm not interested in selling, just curious about the spec's. Thanks for any help anyone can give.
1-3 of 5 Results