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  1. Conn
    I just purchased a Conn 10m tenor sax which plays fantastic. The serial number is 979xxx which does not show up in any charts. The body is like a lady face but it has the under slung octave and the artist not lady on the bell. Notice the wire guards, bell brace, small pearls including thumb...
  2. Conn
    1932 6M transitional alto body: Repairable or parts horn only? I'm visiting my friend's moving sale and on a bottom shelf in the garage under a pile of keys and other random woodwind parts, I find a 6M transitional body (no neck) that appears to have either been in an unfortunate incident...
  3. Conn
    Got this beauty three days ago. It will take some time to "travel" from my daily Mark 6 routine to the ergonomics of the Conn. Furthermore, everything from mouthpiece to reed feels and sounds different. I have played Marlene (yes, that's her name) for two hours now, and the Otto Link NY Double...
  4. Eb Baritone
    Hi everyone. I've recently purchased a 1931 Conn Transitional 12M. On the whole intonation is ok, but the middle octave E-F# (that is, an octave below the palm keys) is very sharp: 35-40%. I know these notes are generally sharp on saxophones, but this seems extreme. I've tried several large...
  5. Mouthpiece Maintenance, Modification & Refacing
    I found this auction of a Link Double Ring tenor mouthpiece at Ebay: Is this what they call a "Transitional Double Ring"? Besides the fact that it was worked on twice...
  6. Alto mpc
    Before I sell/trade this alto Meyer I want to be sure whether it is a USA, or a 'transitional' piece. Thanks in advance for any input.
1-6 of 31 Results