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  1. Late Bloomers
    I'm a long-time lurker and have only posted a couple times. That's about to change. I played clarinet during my high school and middle school years (about 4+ years)- jazz, classical, and band. I honestly wanted to begin on saxophone but was told that I could "always do that later" and that "it...
  2. Flute & Piccolo
    hey guys i just want to ask if anyone has transitioned from flute grade 8 to a sax? i've heard that the fingerings are almost identical, it should be an easy transition right? would it mean that, after getting used to the different mouthpiece, it would be easy to go straight to grade 5-8? I'm...
  3. Bb Tenor
    Hi there people -- it's a bit of a long intro, so you can read the problems first and /then/ the intro if it's easier. xD I'm a new member on this site, but I've been reading through a lot of topics and threads that may or may not be my problem. I'm a high schooler and have been playing alto...
1-3 of 3 Results