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  1. Working Sax Pros
    Anyone know where I can either find a transcription or pay to have one done of the record sax solo on this song ?
  2. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi everyone! Today, it's not quite the Lick of The Week, but rather the Chorus of The Week:) It's going to be a chorus from the great Sonny Stitt's solo in 12 keys. I began transcribing this solo about a year ago, but never finished. I chose the second chorus of his solo because it's...
  3. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hello guys, i made this transcription in the last two weeks. It is the hardest I have done to this point and this time I purpusefully refrained from writing it down or using slowing down software. It´s not perfect, but this is what I managed to do: I really look...
  4. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hi all, I've found some easy-to-google Eric Alexander transcriptions such as those by Charles McNeal (THANKS Charles!!!) Anyone know where I can find some recent transcriptions from his work in the last 10 years or so? Thanks!!!
  5. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    I have just finished working on an e-book containing 10 Coltrane solos on standards from his work with Miles Davis. I made sure to choose solos that you cannot find in any other books or online anywhere. Here is a taster video: (my video making software ruined the quality - the e-book itself...
  6. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Can anyone suggest a notation app or software? I'm getting tired of writing this stuff down for transcriptions.
  7. Playing Songs
    I have a constant struggle with playing over the changes to All the Things You Are. I love the tune, and I know the changes like the back of my hand... But, I don't have any great ideas to play over it. Am I alone on this? Can any of you help me? Are there any exercises that should help...
  8. High School and College
    Just a brief description of my situation right now. I'm planning on auditioning for the jazz programs at 4 -5 colleges this winter, including Cal State Northridge, Cal Arts, UNLV, and Shenendoah University. I'm happy (as much as I can be) with my current setup based on my financial situation. I...
  9. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Ethan Iverson (pianist with The Bad Plus, Billy Hart quartet, etc...) has transcribed a fantastic never-before-publicly-available 1938 two-chorus Lester Young solo on Tea for Two, from the Savory Collection of recordings at the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, in concert key, available here...
  10. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    All Free Transcriptions....great reference..... click the link Steve
  11. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Does anyone know where I could find any Radiohead transcriptions or arrangements? Preferably something from Kid A or In Rainbows.
  12. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Quite a good number of jazz transcriptions here by jazz bassist Dave Fink
  13. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hello guys! While I was surfing the net I've found a fantastic site about sax solos transcriptions: Quoting the info-post: Byebye!
  14. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    hi all SOTWers, a short note to let you know that I recently launched a new website for all sax and EWI players: (English) (Italian) The site features a huge index of over 1100 solo transcriptions found anywhere on the Internet...
  15. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Wondering if anyone has the PDF files of the Keith Oxman Sonny Stitt Transcriptions BOOK 2. They are no longer posted on the website I visit. I am hoping someone downloaded them. I have BOOK 1. If anyone is interested in it, PM me. --Ron
  16. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    I've been a big fan of DMB for years and as a sax player, naturally grew up studying Leroi Moore's style and sound. I've built a fairly impressive library of Roi transcriptions, both horn parts and solos. Below is a list of parts/solos available on I know I've posted about...
  17. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    I just came across some riches; YouTube also has this nice little intro; then getting hotter; which led me to this mother lode;
  18. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hi all, There is a site of which I am a member. The main demographic there is middle school, high school, and college aged kids who like to play Third Wave Ska Music, and some Funk Rock as well. The majority of the transcriptions are in tab format (ex: Bb, F, G#, etc.)...
  19. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hi! I've got a few transcriptions on this site: Feel free to ask for the pdf-file! I'm not sure what is out there already, but I've found a lot of great transcriptions. I would be happy to share mine as well.. better twice...
1-19 of 22 Results