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  1. Practicing
    Everyone in a band/orchestra knows it's important to play in tune - and that that means 'in tune with the rest', not 'at 442Hz'. I was looking for ways to practice and get better at 'finding' the right pitch. Practicing long tones with a tuner is of course a great start, but that doesn't help...
  2. Working Sax Pros
    How do you know when you're ready to begin gigging? I am certain this question has been posed many times before, but I don't have the easiest time using the "search" function on the site. Anyway, as a couple people on the forums may already know, I've been playing tenor saxophone on and off...
  3. Training Material
    Accompaniment and sheet music 208.Mary, Did You Know? -
  4. General Discussion
    Hey. Im brand new to these forums and i have just got my Alto Sax. I am waiting for my lessons to start in a few weeks or so, is there anything i can/should do to keep my self busy with the saxophone. I'm so excited!!