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  1. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Hey, SOTW community! I'm pretty excited to be bringing my band, Progger, international for the first time. We're playing at the Rex Hotel in Toronto on Monday Sept 7, and I'd love to hang with you fine saxophonists of the Great White North. I love the Rex and it's been years since I've been...
  2. Stolen Instruments, Music
    Hey everyone, so unfortunately the unthinkable has happened, and a taxi made off with my saxophones still in the trunk on the evening of March 16th 2014, around 10pm. I've placed phone calls to all the taxi companies, police stations and pawn shops to no avail. Apparently due to the fact that I...
  3. In Canada
    My Mark VI tenor was due for some work and I had been taking it to Gino Nobili at the Music Lab for years. This time I thought I would try someone closer to home (Danforth area in Toronto). I looked up John Weir at Taplin Weir just East of me and took it in to get very old pads replaced, the...
1-3 of 7 Results