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  1. Recordings, Movies
    This is a fun video of solo saxophone playing with the incredible natural delay of Echo Bridge. Lots of other fun jazz and sax on the other videos too - ImprovLive 365 just passed the 100 episode mark!
  2. Recordings, Movies
    Hey All, Thought you might enjoy today's ImprovLive 365 -Episode 46 - it's a live recording of last Saturday's version of an extremely funky arrangement by Steve Adams called "The Dive" . I'm laying it down on bari, and Allan Chase kills the solo alto part! It's on the front page for today -...
  3. Buescher
    I thought you Buescherphiles would get a kick out of this video ode to my Buescher True Tone baritone, lovingly nicknamed "The Beast", where I put it through it's paces, and show some of it's many faces. It's on Episode 40 of ImprovLive 365. to find it, go to the episode archive page link...
  4. Recordings, Movies
    Just wanted to let you know ImprovLive 365 was live as of January 1st, which means there's already 15 episodes on spontaneous creativity, plus a new one everyday! What's it about? Here's a couple of episode titles to tempt you: Episode 2: Happy Accidents Episode 3: Cubicles Episode 6: The...
  5. Websites, Books, Magazines, Photos and other Lit.
    I've spent years proclaiming "Life is one big improvisation", and becoming more and more convinced of the need for a greater understanding of the role that improvisation and spontaneous creativity play in art, life and society. I truly believe that becoming better at improvising, at...
1-5 of 5 Results