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  1. Training Material
    Music theory tutorials on youtube. If it's for the first time or just a refresher, this guy's presentations are pretty good.
  2. Practicing
    Hello all, I need some guidance on how to really learn jazz. I am lucky to have a good ear. I can basically play anything that I listen to. If I hear changes, I can pretty much play over them OK can generally change keys when needed. Unfortunately thats really my problem. Because I can BS my...
  3. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hey All I've played for quite a while but never really used the jazz genre - but now i'm getting really into it - and i just wondered, do you know any books that covers jazz theory from the bottom to an advanced level? So it starts up easy and then gets more and more complicated? :) And do...
  4. Practicing
    I fell in love with some gershwin, cannonball adderley songs and I want to improvise! But i don't know a thing about music theory or jazz, although i've been playing for a few years What is the first step a noob should take to learn to improvise? Is there a book that I can rely on? cuz there...
  5. Training Material
    this is a great site hosted by Quamon Fowler in Fort worth TX. He placed 3rd in last years Monk Jazz Competition in Los Angeles and is a great teacher. Through this site he shares everything from basic exercises to live concerts of some burnin' playing!!! It's a $25 monthly subscribed site...
  6. Jazz and Improvisation
    I just posted two PDF documents on my Casa Valdez blog. One is a sheet detailing all the scale options for Major chords and the other is for dominant chords. I haven't really seen anything like this before. There are a lot of scale options that I'm sure you've never considered. I also have a new...
1-6 of 6 Results