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  1. Alto mpc
    Please leave your experience if you ever played or tried a Theo Wanne alto mouthpiece.
  2. Tenor mpc
    Hi everybody, as a Theo Wanne endorser, I had the privilege of trying the new slant sig 8 for tenor! Let me know your thoughts and have a happy new year!
  3. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    Hey All, I've been looking at the Theo Wanne webpage for a while and can't find his stable wood mouthpieces anymore. Has Theo stopped making them all together? My main question is: Are they discontinued and, if so, why were they discontinued? Thanks for the help.
  4. Ligatures
    I just wanted to say that, although the ligature is expensive, it is 100% worth the money. My sound was completely transformed for the better and the resonator plates provide amazing tonal versatility. I use it on my Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series tenor (B-ICE) and Ottolink Hard Rubber Tone...
  5. Baritone mpc
    Hi, As the title suggests, I am wondering if there is a difference in sound between the vintified or regular finish on the mouthpiece other than looks. If not, which looks better? Thanks!
  6. Tenor mpc
    Which is great because I had just about bitten a hole through my old piece. I asked for a size 6* which they were out of but was told they would produce and ship in about a weeks time, which they did. I love this piece and I can see myself playing it for a very long time. It gives me such a...
  7. Tenor mpc
    Service: It took a long time for me to get this mouthpiece, way longer than I would have liked, but still with in a month as posted on the website. The ordering form online did not have a place to request a tip opening or a finish, so I put it in the PayPal memo, and Theo e-mailed me after...
  8. Tenor mpc
    I will be receiving a Theo Wanne Ambika in two days, within a week i will be recording myself playing on it. is there any thing that anyone would like me to demonstrate on it? i will be playing the Weber cello rondo with various reeds that i have, i also will play something in a jazz style...
1-8 of 13 Results