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  1. Yamaha
    Hi everyone.I bought a Yamaha 82z tenor.The color inside the horn has chromatism(I marked the part).Is it a inferior horn?Thanks.
  2. Buescher
    Hey Buescher buds! I've been happily playing my Big B Tenor for 8 or 9 years now and am still as in love with it as when I first got it. The past five years I have been having this issue where two or three times a year I'll take my horn out to play and G# will not budge- it will be super sludgy...
  3. Antigua Winds
    Hi all, so excited to finally join SOTW! :) It's been a lifelong dream of mine to learn sax and now at 34, I was gifted an Antigua WWX545 tenor by a friend - yay! I cannot seem to find anything about this sax anywhere, except for ONE post on this forum that didn't give me many details. I've...
  4. Bb Tenor
    It don't look like much but it is the deluxe. I can see from the pics that the lacquer is shot, the pads look shot also and someone put the mouthpiece on upside down. If it is as easy to work on and blow as my Indiana alto then it will make me a good horn and the price was right but I will have...
  5. Bb Tenor
    Hi . I have a rose gold chateau sax which has a serial number stamped on it but can find a manufacturer listing of serial numbers to see what series it is.. are there any specific identifiers that will tell me ?
  6. Rampone & Cazzani
    Hello everybody! I'm a professional classical saxophone player and a jazz saxophone student. I've recently had the opportunity to try the Rampone R1 Jazz in various finishes and I completely fall in love with the R1Jazz in bronze. I tried this saxophone with a Daddario Select Jazz 8 Mouthpiece...
  7. P. Mauriat
    Hi,I'm going to buy a PM 66RUL.But the discussions that I can find here are all 5-10 years before. Why people don't talk about PM like years ago? Are they not as good as they were before?
  8. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    Spotted this on Marketplace for $550 (AUD)… I can’t find anything online about a ‘Jazzmaster’ Tenor sax so thought I’d ask here, does anyone know anything about this ‘brand’ and if so is it any decent? I know that for $550 I’d be lucky to get anything nice but hey, if this is a good brand I...
  9. Bb Tenor
    I have a 1960’s King Super 20 Silver Sonic Tenor Sax. My question for the experts on this forum is whether the neck on this Sax looks bent or out of alignment. If so … what can be done? I recently had a local Ssx repair guy fix a couple of leaks and I asked him about the neck and he said it was...
  10. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    My Dolnet M70 tenor does not stabilize at the proper notes when playing a low E or a D at low volume. What I get instead is a wave oscillating around the note i am trying to play. This issue goes away if I provide more air support. It does not occur with the octave key. I have ensured that the...
1-10 of 500 Results