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tenor saxophone
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  1. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hello everyone ! I am a Turkish saxophonist who love playing music/jazz. I would like to share my first album with you. There are 9 originals composed by me. Also, I would like to get feedback from you, I hope you'll enjoy with it. Keep in touch, All...
  2. Couesnon
    Hey guys I considering a used tenor The couesnon Monopole series 2 in gold. The price is set at 2500 USD, and after reading about it on the internet, i think is pretty overpriced. What are your thoughts about the price 2500 USD, and do you have any comments about the saxophone in general? Kind...
  3. Oleg Products, Inc.
    Purchase one our Acoustically-Perfected Professional Saxophones by June 30th and get an Oleg Contempo or Maestro Mouthpiece and Olegature included – a savings of $750 to $790! Give us a call for a free consultation on the best saxophone setup for you: 818.904.0030...
  4. Ligatures
    Hi folks, Anyone knows when Otto Link ligatures became as they are today? Did it change in 60s, 70s, 80s, etc.? Someone is selling a couple of old Otto Link ligatures. He doesn't know how old and I don't have images of them. I heard the old Link ligatures were very good. I tried 4 of the recent...
  5. Saxophone Solo and Ensembles
    So I had a legit quartet all through high school and college and miss it. ISO players. - Soprano & Alto/Tenor I am a baritone player exclusively. I have 1 other player interested who is willing to play Alto or Tenor. Skill level, I was a performance major that never went anywhere :) and the...
  6. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Dinah (by Harry Akst) Have a nice day everyone. )
1-6 of 168 Results