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  1. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    Spotted this on Marketplace for $550 (AUD)… I can’t find anything online about a ‘Jazzmaster’ Tenor sax so thought I’d ask here, does anyone know anything about this ‘brand’ and if so is it any decent? I know that for $550 I’d be lucky to get anything nice but hey, if this is a good brand I...
  2. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Greetings, I have recently got a used Accent tenor saxophone and had a question about some screws. With my last saxophone(Yamaha) there were specific screws that would sometimes raise and need to be screwed back in because of the temperature inside vs outside. For my current saxophone I noticed...
  3. General Discussion
    I want to start playing the saxophone (I’m 13 years old). From what i heard the alto sax is easier for beginners but a tenor is also possible if you have big enough hands. I prefer the sound of the tenor but I don’t know if i can start on it right now. What do you think?
  4. Tenor mpc
    A few of my favorite players, Oskar Guojonson, Trygve Siem, and Chris Speed, are playing wooden mouthpieces made by George Pfister in Berlin. Does any one know anything about him? How to find him? How to grab one of these pieces? He seemingly has no online presence, and flying round trip to...
  5. Selmer (Paris)
    Hello there, my grandpa bought a flat and the previous owner left a tenor saxophone. I couldn't find the serial number and no information about this saxophone. Maybe one of you guys could help me out. Maybe you can also say what the value is. Thanks for your answers :) Regards Michael
  6. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    hi, i've an unusual situation here... i've never experienced this in my past couple years of playing! i need to get my saxophone in a better condition before we begin band for the 5th, and i want to know if it can be a fix at home, or if i need to send it to get a repair. recently i've...
  7. Clarinet
    I primarily play bari and recently got a professional Kessler Custom tenor and have been enjoying it for a while. However, after seeing that Kessler just released a new batch of Midnight Low C bass clarinets, I'm thinking that getting one of those things would be a better investment than a...
  8. Selmer (Paris)
    Hi all, Please see the attached photo. A neighborhood friend's father was a saxophonist in Ohio big bands for many years, and has had this tenor in a closet for the past 30 or so years. Apparently, he has only pulled the horn out once in all that time. Could anyone identify the horn based on...
  9. Multi Sax!
    Hey y'all! I'm primarily a baritone sax player and I've been using the Kessler Solist custom bari and it's been great (I highly recommend using it by the way)! I've recently been learning about doubling. I do know that sax players usually double on other woodwinds such as flute or clarinet, and...
  10. Altissimo and Multiphonics
    Hi, I want to share with you the altissimo fingerings that I use on tenor sax. Range : from altissimo G up to F For me these fingerings work great, good tuning and simple positions. Let me know what do you think. Do you use different positions?
  11. Oleg Products, Inc.
    Wow! Like a "Meyer Mouthpiece on Steroids". - Mate Carich Our Contempo alto and tenor metal mouthpieces just got a new hard rubber version. Our design mantra has always been: lightning response, free blowing, powerful projection, pitch stability, tonal flexibility, evenness and ease of...
  12. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hey everyone! Nathan Graybeal from the YouTube channel "Saxologic" reached out to me to solo over a cool tune he just recorded, and here is the result! Check it out and let me know what you think.
  13. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    This is a tune I wrote for the great Joe Henderson. I'm on my Mark VI tenor Otto Link STM Florida No USA 9* Robertos Winds reed Ed Cherry guitar Carlo De Rosa bass Lawrence Lo Leathers drums
  14. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Testing Conn Transitional tenor saxophone (A Fine Romance by Jerome Kern)
1-14 of 151 Results