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tenor mouthpeice

  1. Tenor mpc
    Hey SOTW, For the past 3 years or so I have been playing on a Metal Vandoren V16 T6 Large Chamber for a smaller jazz band in high school, and now for a big band in college. I've come to find as a player though that the T6 just isn't really doing it for me in cutting through the Trumpets, and...
  2. Tenor mpc
    Maybe I missed it but a search on the forum doesn't show anything about this mouthpiece-- SYOS - Does anyone have experience with this piece or company?
  3. Tenor mpc
    PART #1 Today I received the Ted Klum FocusTone Tonamax HR 7 .102 that I ordered (used) today. I was hoping that it would be slightly darker than my TM Custom 8 that I had been playing, and also less resistant due to the smaller tip. Unfortunately I ran into a number into a number of problems...
  4. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Hey guys Recently purchased a 10Mfan Robusto 7* HR and really enjoy playing it. It is very free & flexible and I particularly like the ease and intonation of altissimo. I see that there is a metal version of the Robusto, but its a lot of cash to shell out without trying it. If you have tried...
  5. Tenor mpc
    I have a P. Mauriat hard rubber mouthpieces, and I was wondering how I could safely clean it. It has some yellow build-up on the inside. I want to clean it without damaging it though.
  6. Tenor mpc
    Hi there, I'm looking for a metal mouthpiece with good control, good core, and a bit of edge. I found my Berg 85/0 doesn't have enough fatness and also the air control in lowest notes (D to Bb) is not great, kinda warbles. I won't try another stainless steel mouthpiece since refacing will be...
  7. Tenor mpc
  8. Tenor mpc
    Which is great because I had just about bitten a hole through my old piece. I asked for a size 6* which they were out of but was told they would produce and ship in about a weeks time, which they did. I love this piece and I can see myself playing it for a very long time. It gives me such a...
  9. Tenor mpc
    :treble::blankmea::blankmea::blankmea::blankmea: Ok, so, I play the tenor saxophone. I've been playing sax 8 years, the tenor 5. I plan on getting a classical mouthpiece first, then jazz probably in college. Also, ligature doesnt matter, because i think i'm gonna get a leather one when i do...