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tenor mouth piece

  1. Tenor mpc
    Hi! I'm recently bought a berg larsen metal 95/2 SMS and wonder if it could be vintage? I paid like 40$ so I just took a chance. I'm well aware that could just be a regular Berg Larsen and the bite plate is missing.
  2. Tenor mpc
    This forum is crazy huge, and I hope that I learn a think or two from all of you guys. Anyways, I joined to ask a bit of advice, since I find it quite difficult to find solid information on purchasing tenor saxophone mouthpieces on the web. I've been playing the tenor since March of 2012, and...
  3. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    demo's are good.......this one is not........its all an education on what not to get! ps this player would sound fine on a good set up,(HR Link, say a number 7* with a 2.5 reed) however................poor dude!