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  1. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    I know that you can do scoops and smears and the like, but I'm talking about starting on a fingered pitch and raising it up. An example would be to take low A :treble::space2: (fingered 1 and 2) and to play the A, but then raise it to a Bb only changing voicing and embouchure. An analogy would...
  2. Jazz and Improvisation
    I was watching this James Carter video: And I'm curious as to what the effect is called that he uses at 0:34. Is anybody able to tell me what it's called, and by extension how I could go about learning it? Thank you!
  3. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    My wife and I recently had our first child. It's a crazy time and I am constantly worried about losing my embouchure when I have several gigs coming up, and a wonderful new kid to look after. Bottom line: I've been going through these exercises a few times a day, and it's actually helped me to...
  4. Tips and Techniques
    James Carter, my all time favorite saxophonist, is known for his ability to "shred" and make unusual but amazing noises on the saxophone. I was amazed by watching his improv (link below). In this video, he plays licks, runs, and while doing so, he manages to implement little things like...
  5. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    Does anyone have any advice for producing a subtone on alto sax? I'm having trouble figuring out how!
1-5 of 5 Results