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  1. Electronic Equipment
    I know there is a newer post about best mics live but looking at a wireless system that is durable and affordable. Would like to stay under $500 but trying to get a realistic idea on the best bang for the buck. Thanks!
  2. Electronic Equipment
    I'm a reggae band, and the horns are myself on Tenor Sax and a Trombone player. We are both Interested in going wireless for the stage, and were wondering if such a system exists that supports two wireless instrument mics, and two outputs for a mixer. Thanks.
  3. Electronic Equipment
    Hello, Anyone knows what the minimum requirements are for Mr T's sax? I read something like a 2Ghz, 2GB RAM computer. Anyone tried it with an Atom processor notebook like the Asus EeePc? They mentioned a 3,2Ghz dualcore had only a 15%load, so perhaps it might work with higher processor load on...
1-3 of 4 Results