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  1. Babillard Franco: Info, questions & réponses
    Saxophone ténor P Mauriat System 76 UL 2nd edition (excellente condition) Bonjour, Voici mon sax à vendre: Si vous avez des question, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Merci
  2. P. Mauriat
    This arrived in the mail yesterday. Had to try it out on the gig... Answer to the question you are going to ask: Yes, I prefer no high F#. My Mark VI doesn't have one, I never have--or would--use it, so it's just extra metal on the horn. This version (and this will sound silly) already feels...
  3. P. Mauriat
    Has anyone tried an aftermarket neck on a System 76 or any other model for that matter? Perhaps a Ponzol or a Selmer Series II or III neck works well to reduce resistance? Anyone experimenting with necks?
  4. In Canada
    I just bought a P. Mauriat System 76-ADK 2nd edition from VR Music in Winkler Manitoba of all places. Great guy to deal with. Though he ordered mine direct from the factory, he kept me informed as to what was happening every step of the way... and now that it's here- I love it! This is a new...
  5. P. Mauriat
    I just bought a System 76-ADK alto and I love the sound and looks of this sax! Anyone else out there using this alto? What is your setup? Thanks, Saxdavid
  6. P. Mauriat
    Update my bad I got the horn's mixed up. Alright I just bought a System 76 GL which is a great sounding alto but I have noticed that there was a 67RGL. Has anyone played the 67RGL? does the rolled tone holes make the sound darker on the GL version? thanks.
1-6 of 7 Results