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  1. General Discussion
    As someone who loves learning and talking about new gear — and as someone whose always been intrigued by the Selmer Reference 54 as a concept (way out of my price range at this point in my life) — I was shocked to hear that the Supreme would be replacing not one but two horns in the Selmer...
  2. Selmer (Paris)
    This news comes from the Kessler & Sons website, which as usual has more information about the business side of Selmer Paris than Selmer's own website: Kessler previously reported that the Ref. 54 alto had been discontinued as of May; sure enough, that model has disappeared from the for-sale...
  3. YouTube videos
    Hello all, I meant to put this here earlier but it slipped my mind. Anyways, I released this video about a week ago on my channel, comparing the Series II and the Supreme. I know a lot of people play the Series II and may be curious just how different the Supreme is...this video takes a deep...
  4. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Selmer posted another ad about the supreme... and completely neglected women saxophonists. Again. Doew anyone else notice this regularly in the industry? Obviously I'd like to hear women's voices, but I know I've heard my fair share of sexism in the music biz.
  5. Eb Alto
    I was given an old, beat up Saxophone. The brand is Ludwig, as in Ludwig Drums, I believe. It's a Ludwig Supreme. I'm thinking of having it repaired. When I mentioned the brand on the phone with the music store, they had never heard of it. The conversation was something like "Ludwig? I thought...
  6. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    Hi, Have anyone heard of this brand of saxophones? I came across this brand in a local dealer in Singapore and believe this is an asian make. Does anyone have any experience with this? thanks!
1-6 of 7 Results