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  1. Tenor mpc
    Hi there, I thought I make this thread directly to do with Eric Falcon's Warburton J tenor saxophone mouthpiece (I believe it was made back in 2009/2010). I found NOS ones at Brass and Woodwind, in Victoria BC, Canada. I sent the link to Eric and he confirmed it was his work. It has a golden...
  2. What to Buy & Why: Reeds and Misc.
    Hi there, I found out Alexander Superial #3 is perfect fit for my SR Tech Pro tenor sax mouthpiece (.108 tip opening). I bought a pack of Alexander Superial for my alto that was mostly not working well and heard from other people about consistency issues with Alexander reeds. I also heard Marca...
  3. Reeds
    Could anyone enlighten me about how Alexander reeds compare to Vandoren reeds? Not the strength - I know that Alexanders run about half a strength softer, if my memory serves me right - but in the quality (sound, response). I have played Vandoren Traditionals, V16's, ZZ's, and Java Reds, so...
1-3 of 3 Results