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  1. Alto mpc
    Hi all! I think I have decided on the Rousseau Studio Jazz mouthpiece for my alto but the only two that are available on Amazon Prime Canada are the SJ5 and the SJ8. I'm not sure which one would work better for me. I'm getting conflicting info online about the tip openings, does anybody have...
  2. Bb Soprano
    Hello SOTW, I'm looking to purchase a Rousseau Studio Jazz soprano mouthpiece, either a 5 or 6, hard rubber. If you are like me sitting on a big box of unused MPCs, and would find the cash more useful, message me with your price and a picture of the piece. Thanks!
  3. Alto mpc
    So I've been playing on a Studio Jazz6 mouthpiece my instructor lent me and now it's time for me to buy my own. I'm debating on whether to stick with the Studio Jazz or to try the JDX, I'm also wondering if I should move up a "size". I play with Vandoren Java Red 3s and a Rovner light ligature...
1-3 of 3 Results