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  1. Stolen Instruments, Music
    My dad’s house was broken into late 2019 around September or October in South Austin, TX and the two guys we saw on camera (couldnt see their faces on cameras. They had on construction vests) stole my MacSax Empyreal Alto Saxophone and my brother’s beginner trombone. It was taken in it’s MacSax...
  2. Stolen Instruments, Music Sad story out of Vancouver. A horn with a ton of sentimental value was stolen right off the stage of the Orpheum theatre. Serial number M73842 Stolen with Bob Ackerman lost wax...
  3. Stolen Instruments, Music
    Two saxophones were stolen from my son's dorm room on the Stanford University Campus. I am asking the SOW community to contact police immediately if they encounter them. They were stolen on 3-25-16 and will probably be sold from the Bay Area of California. The Yamaha was the first sax my son...
1-3 of 3 Results