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  1. Sax Lifestyle & Sax Related Health Problems
    If your sax is giving you thumb pain problems, it could be hand positioning, but it could also be the saxophone's fault. After years away from playing, I'm recently starting practicing 2-3 hours a day for the past three months. Strangely, I've been having a lot of thumb pain in both my right...
  2. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    So on my trek across the net I discover possibly the most expensive new sax that I've ever seen. Has anyone been daring enough to pay for the category 5? Can you share your experience? What makes it so pricy and in your opinion is it worth it? I'm certainly not interested in buying it (I'm an...
  3. Solo Performer
    I really like this tastefully done version and just love James' sound. He sticks close to the melody and makes it about the song. Any other good clips of sax players playing the National Anthem?
  4. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    I'll be performing at the Florida State Fair from February 9 - 20th with the Dennis Lee Show, with the exception of the 17th and 18th. We are performing 3 shows a day at 11am, 1pm, and 5pm in the family theater. We have a 4th show on Saturday the 11th at 8pm. Would love to see some of the...
  5. Louisiana
    I bought a tenor from SG last Feb, in April I sent it back for warranty work with a detailed listing of what it needed. Two and a half weeks ago after much prodding he emailed me back saying the "horn has been done I emailed you where to ship it to on June 04, 2009". Just took some pics of the...
  6. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hello all, I'm a new member here, strictly for the purpose of letting you know what a sorry bast**d Steve Goodson (of is. In 1998 I took my old band horn, a Selmer MKVII, to him to sell on consignment. We agreed on a price for me and anything above that was his...
  7. LA Sax
    Has anyone played the sax Gourmet tenor or goodson bari?I have the tenor and bari here and they are outstanding!I currently am playing mauriat saxes but these are even better...Very big and fat sounding and very comfortable to play...saxmanpete
  8. Louisiana
    I need to post a word of warning about Steve Goodson. I assume that his business practices have been a topic of discussion around here. But I think that folks reading this forum need to hear about the problems I've had with Mr. Goodson so they don't make the mistake of trusting him with their...
1-8 of 20 Results