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  1. Bb Soprano
    I use a clip on wireless mic on my straight soprano. I clip it to the bell, with the mic pointed up into the bell. The only problem with that is setting it on the stand - it hits the stand, of course. I could take it off or just bend it out of the way, I guess, but is there a better alternative...
  2. Sax & Music Stands
    Alright chums, The reason for this thread is this stand. they make it for alto and tenor, but not bari. This type of stand fits in the bell (!) and is locked in place by a single large screw mechanism. Truly brilliant - for alto and tenor. I have been a bari main all my teenage and adult life...
  3. King (HN White)
    Hi all - I recently acquired a gorgeous bare-brass King Saxello from SOTW member Kritavi, who I recommend whole-heartedly - he is one of the most knowledgeable and reliable traders on the interweb, and if you get a chance to deal with him do not hesitate. TOP TIP - STAND RECOMMENDATION FOR...
  4. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    While I always use a saxophone stand, many fellow sax players don't. I have seen professionals put their horns down on flat surfaces (tables, chairs, and even the bandstand floor). Some put the left side down, some the right. Is there a "safer" way to do this to avoid damaging the horn?
  5. Sopranino and Higher
    I had an extra Soprano stand, a three-leg K&M, which works fine for the Soprano but a bit wobbly for the Nino, which doesn't fit all the way down to be secure. I've tried a few product searches at the usual suspects but didn't find anything. Anyone have a recommendation?
  6. Sax & Music Stands
    Hey guys, I've been using the Hercules bari sax stand for a while now and also own various other Hercules sax stands. Recently I've found it would be useful to have both my alto and sop sax on my bari stand so that I can just have the one stand set up. I know Hercules do a bari sax stand with...
  7. Clarinet
    hey guys! i need some help with finding a good stand for my Eb clarinet. When i play in my school's ensemble, i usually have songs where i have to switch between Bb clarinet and Eb clarinet. I have a K&M stand for Bb clarinet, but when i try to use it with the Eb clarinet, it gets stuck. So here...
  8. Bb Bass
    Can anyone help me locate a case for a bass sax and a playing stand? I am in the final stages of a Bass Sax restoration project (Buescher, 1919). When I acquired it the instrument did not have any case. It _did_ have a playing stand, the kind that has a felt-padded collar that clamps around the...
1-8 of 9 Results