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  1. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    All underlying software components needed to run this Forum (and other SOTW pages) are now in need for updating. For this project the Forum will be turned off on Thursday starting circa 12 noon GMT (8 AM EDT - Eastern Daylight Time). This effort will take approx. 6-10 hours. Will post closer...
  2. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    UPDATE: Because you found the Forum again, your DNS is finding the new IP for Sax on the Web! If you see any problems or anomalies, something is behaving differently, please report here. For other issues open a thread in Forum Problems. The only problem I see see so far is that the French...
  3. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    After doubling the RAM memory the SOTW forum service has been very stabilized recently. The reason for the recent seven hour failure is yet to be explained. Sorry for the delay in restoring the service.
  4. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    Some 16 hours ago the SOTW Forum went down caused by database problems. The forum data was restored and damaged tables repaired. Shortly after that the same happened again. That conviced us and the service provider that there was a hardware problem. As result all RAM chips in database server...
  5. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    The service was interrupted approx. 13 hours ago. These things happen at the worst possible time. Unfortunately I had problems with my home computer and could not access the site until recently. Everything should be restored by now. I apologize for the inconvenience, ~Harri
  6. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    Because the previous thread got badly side-tracked I am opening a new one by re-iterating the situation. Looks like some members still have problems in accessing the forum. If so, please reply to this thread. ======================================= ...what engineering designed, what sales sold...
  7. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    I noticed that when I try to get antyhing on the forum to via is now giving a 403 error.... based links work fine. Another local fellow is observing the same behavior, so it's not just me (and he's on a different ISP). So, for example going to...
  8. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    Second server configuration to be used only for the database handling (MySQL) has been ordered. This should improve the forum performance immensely. Will have to turn the forum down for installation later today.
  9. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    Title says it all. It has sucked for weeks but today is really exceptional.
1-9 of 9 Results