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  1. Practicing
    My latest video is three examples in playing the blues with one pentatonic scale and using approach groups around the roots of a basic blues. To see the transcribtion and the full video check this link: youtube:
  2. Practicing
    Hi all, in this weeks lesson i use the pentatonic groups, in the blues and use these as approach notes! In this way you can easily play with more jazzy sound only using the pentatonic scale over a blues. Let me know what you think! Check my website for the full transcription of the video...
  3. Practicing
    Blues basic´s 3 - still playing the (basic) blues - im playing examples! My latest lessen Still playing the (basic) blues is online! I apply the pentatonic scale, which i have devided into groups around the roots of the blues, to the full blues form and play solo examples. The full...
1-3 of 3 Results