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  1. Polls and Surveys
    Hello All Woodwind Greats! Question today is: what type of sax do you have and play predominantly? Is it an alto, tenor, bari, soprano? Or do you have multiple? Would you expand on your choice? Let us know the reason for your choice. There is no right or wrong answer. It is your...
  2. Sopranino and Higher
    I've become interested in buying a sopranino sax, and want to purchase a Selmer clone. I know both Kessler and Allora have discontinued their sopraninos. The only sopranino I've heard much about is the R&H Sax Sopranino, the SNS-730L at, but that appears to be a yani...
  3. Ligatures
    So I've been playing on the metal Yanagisawa sopranino mouthpiece and looking for a ligature. The mouthpiece appears to be a similar size to the HR nino pieces but can't be sure. Anyone have any experience in finding other ligatures for this piece that fit?
  4. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    I recently found this sopranino at an estate state sale, however I am unable to find anything about it online. There is no serial number anywhere on the horn- only a seal of the Coat of Arms and "C. Mahillon & Co. London & Brussels " engraved under it. Does anyone know about it- what year...
  5. Sopranino and Higher
    I had an extra Soprano stand, a three-leg K&M, which works fine for the Soprano but a bit wobbly for the Nino, which doesn't fit all the way down to be secure. I've tried a few product searches at the usual suspects but didn't find anything. Anyone have a recommendation?
  6. Sopranino and Higher
    Ron Meyer from starvingmusicsupplies is selling old stock Vandoren nino reeds, strength 3, at a very good price IMO on ebay at the moment. I have no business with Ron, but he's been a reliable seller to me (eg Riffault mouthpieces, cheap yet consistent alto reeds for my students, etc). Other...
  7. Sopranino and Higher
    Hi, I manage the sax department at Howarth of London. We have the first new Yanagisawa Sopranino in solid silver to high F# and I though people would want to know. It really is fantastic and a lot cheaper than the Selmer to high F# in brass. I know there are a lot of sopranino enthusiasts on...
  8. Sopranino and Higher
    Has anyone ever heard of a Jinbao sopranino and how much should these sell for? Thanks This is the engraving on the bell (i am assuming)
  9. Sopranino and Higher
    Hi all, Any body out there know where I might find out more about these instruments? I have one that I am thinking about selling and want to do a bit of research beforehand. Thanks, Robbie
  10. Legal Issues
1-10 of 21 Results