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sopranino saxophone
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  1. Training Material
    Hi folks. I'm struggling to learn with just a book so I've been considering a subscription to Tonestro. Does anyone have any experience of this app? Is it any good for a complete beginner who can just about do a scale and basic tune? In an ideal world I'd like to use a real life human teacher...
  2. Sopranino and Higher
    I'm currently in high school and I play the tenor sax (that I rent) and have enough money saved up to buy a saxophone. I've been thinking about getting a sopranino sax as its small and easily portable (for catching a bus and train) and was wondering if it's worth getting one. I've played a lot...
  3. Sopranino and Higher
    I just found bandestration's channel on Youtube - lots of good stuff. One of his talks is a comparison of Soprano with Nino: One of his interesting points is that the lower octave of soprano and nino has the most natural sound. I'd always thought of that as my...
  4. Cases
    I am sure this post has been on the site already but I can not find it. What is a good modern Case for a Conn Chu Berry (New wonder II) straight I own the original but it is falling apart fast and don't really like how the horn sits in it. also My Conn does not have the large thumb ring but has...
  5. Buescher
    I am wondering if anyone has information (or a lead on said information) regarding my "True-Tone" Low-Pitch sopranino. The serial number is 190247. I'm not interested in selling, just curious about the spec's. Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  6. Sopranino and Higher
    I have a Sopranino Sax which is IDENTICAL to one I see on Ebay in every detail (, which is "marked" as an International Woodwind. A Sopranino (Eb) Identical to mine down to the etched scroll, Case & Hardware. Everything except the MARKINGS. The one I have...
1-6 of 8 Results