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  1. Tips and Techniques
    So I’m a decent college student and a solid rock, pop, funk soloist, but I want to get better at following chords like the great jazz players. I know to land on different notes per chord and that you can hop around different scales depending on the chord and so on and so forth, but when I get...
  2. Jazz and Improvisation
    This summer, I am a counselor at Stanford Jazz Camp at Stanford University. While here, I went to a masterclass with the great Clarinetist/Saxophonist Anat Cohen. She brought up something I have forgotten for a little while, which is to remember to swing often requires remembering to play...
  3. Playing Songs
    Hi everyone. So, i've been playing for a few years, not super seriously, but i end up playing quite a bit for the theater company i work for. It's been enough years that i have a pretty good tone, i think, and i can read music due to piano lessons as a kid, and i can memorize tunes pretty...
1-3 of 3 Results