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  1. Classical Saxophone
  2. Solo Performer
    So, I'm going into high school and I play alto and bari saxophone. I placed 2nd out of 22 the saxophones. I am looking for a good classical solo that will really show my true skill (I am going to be playing on bari). Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  3. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Here is another tune i have managed to knock out, 4 in 4 days!! i got waaay too much time on my hands i think! Anyway, this is my own arrangement and styling of a classic called "Reflections". Tenor and rhodes were both played by moi... as always feedback is welcome. Enjoy! Ian youtube link...
  4. Playing Songs
    Hey everyone! i just got my new alto sax solo called Scaramouche by Milhaud. I just started taking it out and learned the music. There are movements I, II, and III and for OMEA solo and ensomble this is a class A solo. To play this for contest you have to play either movements just I or II and...
  5. Reeds
    On my alto I currently play on a v12 3. I'm thinking about buying a different kind of reed for a better sound. I'm playing improvisation et caprice for my solo and ensemble and I was looking for a reed and will let the low notes out easily and the high notes to not be piercing. I know, a lot to...
  6. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hey all, I play Tenor sax in my local high school's jazz band. We're auditioning for improv solos for the song "Sweet Home Chicago" here on Tuesday. Have any helpful tips or suggestions for a better solo?
  7. Solo Performer
    Hi All. Greetings from sunny South Africa. I'm looking to get hold of a backing track for Paul Desmond's EMBARCADERO in the original key. I play alto and I've searched the web frantically to no avail. Does anyone have a copy of a backing track for this song that I could use or direct me to...
  8. YouTube videos
    Hi, this is a video from a concert I did last thursday at Alexanderplatz Jazz Club. The tune is from my cd "Mr. Jobhopper" ,entitled "second one" Hope you like it.
  9. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    This is a recent live recording from a band that I am a part of, my solo starts around 1:35. Any comments or criticism would be welcome, and if you want to listen to the whole song and give your feedback, that would be cool too! :)...
  10. Brand Name Players ...
    title explains itself. which trane solo do you dig the most?
  11. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hello All I'm a PHD student at the University of Western Sydney in Australia. I'm looking for any academic writing sources for my topic which is the use of the saxophone in Pop music. Looking at the following points 'tone of the music (more sophisticated or other) for inclusion of the...
  12. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hey Everyone! I just finished a transcription of Gary Pribeck tearing it up on Moment's Notice - short, but killer! Here's the link to my blog. Cheers! Rich
  13. SOTW Member YouTube videos
    Here's a video of me playing My Funny Valentine at the 2012 TCU Jazz Festival back in February, more info in the video description, comments and constructive criticism appreciated.
  14. Misc. Accessories Excellent condition. I use it for cocktail hours with tracks, and also as a stage monitor that allows me to use 2 mics and/or my ipod or electronic percussion. Located in Staten Island, NY. Check it out if you think you need a pro PA...
  15. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hey guys, Here's a recording of me playing St. Thomas with Sonny Rollins :) I transcribed his solo with my teacher, and i decided to give it a run with the actual recording. This is a new mouthpiece, so I'm not quite used to the sound yet. Here it is...
  16. Jazz and Improvisation
    I love E7+9, B7+9, C#m7 and C△7 How about you?
  17. Jazz and Improvisation
    Anyone have any suggests for a alto player like myself? Tips, techniques, where to start?
  18. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Anyone have the transcription (notes) to the lenny Pickett Solo in the song by katy perry called Last Friday Night?
  19. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    I'm playing a solo for my school and I need a hard level 4 or an easy-ish level 5 classical alto solo. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  20. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi All, I am currently writing my postgrad dissertation on Charlie Parker, and was wondering if I could ask for some help from the community. I'm doing a transcription project on Bir's Blues solos, and was wondering if anyone could suggest to me the very first blues recording by Bird that they...