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  1. Learning
    Lester Young solo transcription You're Driving Me Crazy (1946) transcribed by my student as a part of homework. Have a nice week everyone.
  2. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi, in this period I am transcribing all the time, and I am fascinated in particular by other instruments than saxophone. I find it useful to open our mind to different approaches. I have found that trumpet and piano players have a different swing feel than saxophonist and different harmonics...
  3. YouTube videos
    One of my all-time heroes, Michael Brecker, would have been seventy-one years old today. It seems like an appropriate time to post something I've been working on for a while. This is my first full Brecker transcription: I've learned snippets and licks but never attempted an entire solo before...
  4. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    my transcriptionmy transcription of Harry Allen solo on ¨Sweet Georgia Brown¨
  5. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    I was about to do just 4 bars, but than I couldn't stop and transcribed the whole solo:) B.Marsalis on ¨Strattin' Wjth Some Barbecue ¨
  6. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Here is Part Three of my series on Paul Desmond, including a 2 chorus transcription of "Wintersong," which is based on "These Foolish Things." Recorded in 1957 on the Blues In Time Record with Gerry Mulligan. Thinking of maybe turning this into an octet arrangement for my group, it is so...
  7. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    my transcription of Michael Brecker's solo on ¨Timeline¨ PDF link is here Have a good day everybody!
  8. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Chris Potter ¨Cherokee¨ solo transcription Hi all! Guess you'd listen one of the stunning Chris Potter's solo playing Cherokee in 10 keys. I'd just transcribed his first solo chorus and I figured I cannot do the whole¡ what if we do it altogether, one solo chorus each one of us and share it...
  9. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Michael Brecker ¨Bye George¨ solo transcription Michael Brecker one of the my favorite saxophone players. My attempt at his ¨Bye George¨
1-9 of 9 Results