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  1. High School and College
    As I begin to finish out my Junior year of High School I have been reflecting on how I am as a player. I want to major in music education and get my masters in music performance. Since most college auditions start towards the end of the year and thats when my auditions will be coming up I have...
  2. Classical Saxophone
    I have some really important auditions coming up in March, and I need two contrasting classical alto pieces(or a single if it "demonstrates my ability" pretty well), but the thing is, I'm not allowed any accompaniment. And I've looked at the standards, but almost everything really needs...
  3. High School and College
    Hello! I'm trying to find some pieces for an upcoming audition. I need one technical and one lyrical piece to prepare. I browsed some of the threads on here, but most seem to be suggestions written for Alto, etc. I'm looking for some good tenor pieces to play. Any suggestions? I'd really...
1-3 of 3 Results