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  1. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    I'm currently taking apart and repairing my old Arbiter Pro Sound alto to replace some rusted pads and warn corks. I noticed the low D had a lot of movement before de-assembly, as I feared one of the welded on part that's holds the bottom on the hinge rod had come off. The rod that holds the RH...
  2. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Just received a bari I purchased from a out-of-state seller. I understand about the possible pitfalls of doing this, and I thought I asked a pointed question regarding the condition, "Can I get some more detailed pictures, especially where you see any dings & dents. I see the lacquer 'wear'...
  3. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Hi What type of solder should I use for soldering small parts on the saxophone? Thanks for your help.
1-3 of 3 Results