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  1. Construction
    Hi! Can anybody share the pad sizes of a GM tenor? I want to order this time Ferees’s B58 and they require a size list to be provided. I still play the tenor I’m going to repad and don’t want to take out the pads yet to measure the cups. Thanks a lot!
  2. General Discussion
    Never thought I'd ask this question but I picked a pair of SML and Marigaux pins (promotional/novelty items I guess for dealers, etc.). One has a pair of oboes and 'Marigaux' in big letters across the instruments The other has a straight soprano and tenor sax and 'Yanagisawa' in big letters...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello everyone. I recently bought this SML tenor and I was wondering if anyone of you had some useful or interesting infos on this nice horn. It has two 5-pointed stars and a "SUPER" engraving, but no number (e.g. 47, 48 or 49). The serial number is 73xx, so I assume it's a 1949 "Super". Is...
  4. General Discussion
    He plays a Coleman Hawkins Special tenor V
  5. Valuation (How Much is it Worth?)
    Hi all, Hope you are all doing well. I'm looking in to selling my SML nickel plated soprano sax from 1961 (reg. nr 17.063). The Sax has been made for Ansingh in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Check out these pictures for more information, it is in good condition and plays very well. Thank for you...
  6. General Discussion I've contacted the seller music-oldtimer-com that this horn is not a 'Rev. D' but instead a Rev. B era (early 1940s) 'Standard' which uses 'Rev. A' tooling and lacks many features...
1-6 of 49 Results