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  1. Teaching
    Hi, SOTW! Since I hadn't officially done so on this forum yet, I thought I'd announce that I'm teaching some private lessons once again since I finally have a proper home studio environment. (One of the big perks of relocating back to Austin after years in New York City!) Here's a little slice...
  2. Teaching
    Hi everyone I have started teaching via skype. It's a great way to learn about playing the sax and improvising jazz, blues, R&R and R&B. You can check out a video I have here on my website that explains some things about my philosophy. I gear my teaching to your ability, what you are...
  3. Teaching
    I'm teaching via skype now. You can check out my website or my promo video. I teach jazz, blues , funk and R&B improv as well as technique, transcribing solos, tone etc. I have a have logged many hours on gigs and also have a BA in classical saxophone...
1-3 of 3 Results