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  1. Cases
    Hi all - Ive seen a few posts similar to this regarding the bam cases but would truly appreciate any help I can get. In Toronto at Long and Mcquade the only contoured cases available for tenor are Protecs, Bams, and Skbs. I am currently looking to buy a case that will have a few attributes: 1...
  2. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    I've been looking for info on SKB cases. Searching for "SKB bari" returned a lot of threads, but not really what was looking for. I tried another searching adding the word "case", and got no results. I eliminated the "bari" and returned nothing. I searched on just "SKB" and returned nothing...
  3. Cases
    Anyone have a case that actually fits this sax? Currently, I have a really beat up Protec case that is tearing apart. I'm not really a fan of the zippers, so I was thinking about getting a Jakob Winter flight case or the SKB case. BAM cases are way out of my budget. If someone could help me out...
  4. Cases
    What are the differences between the SKB 150 contoured case for tenor saxophone and the SKB 450 contoured case for saxophone in terms of protection?
1-4 of 5 Results