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  1. Pads and Resonators
    Good morning, group. I would like to know if someone can help me with the size of the pads for the Tenor Selmer Super Balance Action (SBA) 1950. Thanks very much!
  2. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    So about 15 years ago, I was unhappy with a mouthpiece I bought for use with my tenor in high school jazz band. My director gave me a Nemo mouthpiece with 3 * etched on the side just before the shank. My question about it is, does anybody have a sizing chart for the tenor Nemo mouthpieces? Or...
  3. Eb Baritone
    Hello!:) I love the Baritone and was thinking about getting one. But because im pretty small and got reletively small hands would I be able to cope with the stretch and the size of the instrument? Thanks, saxophoniac3 (p.s ive been playing sax for 5 years nearly)
  4. General Discussion
    It's the age old question ;). I'm a rather large guy. I've been playing the alto for several months now and a guy recently told me that I should go and play tenor because it would be much easier for me (according to him) because of my size. Does anybody know anything about this? Does the size...
1-4 of 4 Results