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  1. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hi All, I'm a woodwind tech based in Atlanta GA. I'm overhauling a '67 King Super 20 Silversonic Tenor and am trying to source some missing parts to complete the job. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find key guard feet for low Eb & C as well as key guard screws. Thanks in advance. I...
  2. Flute & Piccolo
    Looking for any information on who made the Silversonice flute that I have. I have contacted Sankyo and they said it is not a flute made by them. Thanks for any info! It is marked: Hand Made, Silversonic, SUPERISED BY, S.S.F-385S, USA
  3. King (HN White)
    This Silversonic (serial 369124) is being offered at Fleabay in Germany at the moment without its original case.
  4. King (HN White)
    Resistance was useless - a '64 397xxx Silversonic tenor knocked on my door, I let it in, and now it's got a new home with me and the rest of the tenors in the team - I really do have too many now, but how can something so bad for the bank balance still feel so good? Blows creamy-smooth on a 90/1...
  5. King (HN White)
    I saw an auction on feeBay for a SilverSonic that was (is) missing the neck, but it was way over-priced IMO. The auction description said to given them any offer, that no offers would be automatically refused. After starting at a very low offer we worked it to the point I think is a very good...
  6. King (HN White)
    Hey everyone, So i was going through some forum posts and was just wondering what the overall difference is between the regular Super 20 and the silversonic version other than the obvious, that the silversonic is made with silver. Playing wise what are the differences?
  7. King (HN White)
    I've got a late-model Silversonic tenor with the original case. The case is very tatty, with parts of the wooden ends exposed where the outer material has come away. I don't have the keys, and the catches are very stiff to engage. But the case is rigid and once you've got the catches to...
  8. King (HN White)
    So a couple days ago, I decided I would try to find a cheap old alto to start messing with, I have a cheap tenor, and play in a few funk bands (as a guitarist mostly, but I want to start playing woodwinds again).. I'm at a couple pawn shops, and end of the day I pick up for $375, a King...
1-8 of 18 Results