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  1. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    Hello, I purchased a brand new Chicago mpc slightly more than 2 months ago. It plays great and is my main practice and gig piece right now. My concern is the quality of silver plating. Looks like the silver tarnishes and wears off at a very rapid rate on the table and rails. When magnified I...
  2. Sax Body and Finish
    Hello to All you Great Technicians Have you ever used Nushine Silver Plating Solution. I've seen it referred to around the traps but never read some genuine feedback with regards to a saxophone. Does it actually put a thick enough coating on such that the brass is actually protected. I like...
  3. Rampone & Cazzani
    I have an old R&C silver alto manufactured in 1920s (info from R&C themselves), what value might the saxophone have? The finish is very worn and it has a crack where the neck screw is attached, but it is still very playable.
  4. Flute & Piccolo
    Looking for any information on who made the Silversonice flute that I have. I have contacted Sankyo and they said it is not a flute made by them. Thanks for any info! It is marked: Hand Made, Silversonic, SUPERISED BY, S.S.F-385S, USA
  5. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    So I'm in the market for a new sax, and I'm looking at the Yamaha YAS 62III. There is a silver model (which i really like) and a normal gold lacquer version. I was wondering what the difference in sound would be vs the two. I'm a classical player too.
1-5 of 110 Results