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  1. Tips and Techniques
    When teaching a beginner to play the saxophone, teach him or her to read concert pitches from the start. If the student is playing alto, demonstrate that B-flat has the fingering XXX 000. Once the student starts playing in ensembles, he or she will very quickly learn the "conventional"...
  2. Electronic Equipment
    Greetings, I just joined the site- thank you all for the knowledge you often post, it has greatly helped us in our advancement. My son is a senior in high school preparing for music school auditions which require sightreading. Does anyone know of any computer programs that will force you to...
  3. Practicing
    I did an audition for a cruise ship agent the other day and I flunked it. One of the things that miffed me was that he said my improvisation was "stiff". I mean,yeah, my improv should be great but given, this was a song I hadn't prepared (A Train) or played in a while, and the improv was by...
1-3 of 3 Results