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  1. Polls and Surveys
    Which do you prefer? I used Sibelius in college, but it's been a long time and I could go either way now. A friend of mine is a contemporary composer and he likes how Sibelius handles alternate notations, but I'm mostly doing jazz and pop arrangements.
  2. Notation Software, MIDI, etc
    Hi there! I just started working on a startup app company that makes a notation app. Play or sing into your device and get instant sheet music. The difference from logic etc. is that it's smart, you don't need to tell it what key or time signature it's in. We're in the startup phase and would...
  3. Notation Software, MIDI, etc
    English: (translator helped) -------------------------------------------- Hi ! My name is Patrick, and I'm Polish. I have one problem with writing notes... How can I write such a thing in programe Sibelius 6: Please reply in simple language. Thanks & Best...
1-3 of 3 Results