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  1. Conn
    So I just picked up a Conn Tenor. It has the "Shooting Star" engraving on the bell and a Serial of N 8013. It's my winter project horn for fun. Everywhere that I find serial number identification, all I can tell is it is a Mexi-Conn Shooting Star but most people are referring to 10M, 6M, 16M...
  2. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    I'm going to buy an alto sax. I found an ida maria grassi, and a conn shooting star ithat fit my budget. Both are student horns, and seem to be in good condition and well built, the conn is slightly cheaper. Are they any good, or should i keep looking?
  3. Conn
    Don't see many like this N151xxx and all like new Conn serial # Charts say this is USA made.When I got it it had been played maybe 10x in its life.Original neck cork,corks and felts all as new.Case is pristine as well!with both Conn emblems intact!I had a mexi conn in High School and it was...
  4. Conn
    So, my 10yr old wants to play tenor sax. Band teacher suggested old Conn's (before 1990) would be good. I bought one off of Craigs list for $75 from a lady who was moving. She said she bought it used in 1969. She said she can still get a tone out of it (today). I figured if nothing else he...
  5. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    Hi There, Im totally new to Saxophone, and no very little. I found a Conn Shooting Star for $50, and am thinking of buying it. It is supposedly in good working condition. I have read that these aren't the greatest of Saxophones, but do you think it would be worth it to learn on? Any...
1-5 of 5 Results